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by fuvk

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march 13, 2020 when it rains, i open all the windows in my room will i see you soon will i see you soon in a haze, i think about your shadow in the moon will i see you soon will i see you soon
march 31, 2020 blue gates, twilight you hide between my thighs tonight backseat, i feel your heat with me, you're not so shy i run from intimacy your love terrifies me commitment made me weak but when we fight it feels romantic i'm addicted to your pain and despite all of the panic i miss playing your game how much time do we waste on being polite take the news without a fight you can't look me in the eye i can't see beyond tonight does she breathe soft and light in your ear, a lullaby does it feel just right is it what you like little spoon, what are you drinking overwhelmed and overthinking lighting up before i see you blowing smoke until you're subdued you don't want to talk tonight dull yourself and close your eyes drag me into bed but i know this is the last time
mango tree 02:38
april 1, 2020 when they found him, he was sitting in a mango tree wasn't looking for company and he never came down from that mango tree he was just happy to be we'll walk from 2nd street even if your soles are bleeding even if you start pleading with me we'll catch the opening even if they catch us speeding even if you end up leaving me we saw the sea was blue and the city too when we hiked for three hours in norway and the sky was bright at ten o'clock at night when we saw the view from norway we stopped for sorbet in bergen, norway
april 3, 2020 raven hair and raven eyes in three days, you'll say goodbye running car in the moonlight your heart caught me by surprise sans surprises je suis touché par les yeux que tu as posé sur mon corps sur mes blessures mais ces trois jours filent à toute allure carried on a winter breeze your voice bears sincerity every word brings relief weightlessness in company s’il suffisait de se reposer je l’aurais deja fait si tu entendais ces voix qui murmurent elles me torturent
delphine 02:45
june 24, 2020 halfway 'round the world you bring the earth and sky together in lossy compressed images but pixels are limited do you have the time today to share with me be what it may i'd be pleased if you'd convey anything halfway through the day it seems i settle in to conscious yearning make believe stability illusions forming play it safe, i'm on feet running from the constant warnings i like when you obfuscate everything exacerbated by the distance i feel safer when you're farther every move a contradiction there is no such thing as armor for the anxiety, capacity for worry i'm a glutton for uncertainty believe me, i'm in no such hurry
count of 02:56
i’ll give you to the count of three, take what you need don’t come back, it’s nothing to me i’ll give you to the count of five to say goodbye i won’t let you change my mind i’ll give you to the count of four, we can both be sure i don’t owe you anymore i’ll give you to the count of nine, you’ll be fine calling me a waste of time blue like a troubled sea of you blue like the picture that you drew i’ll give you to the count of three, you don’t have to leave i still feel you next to me stop at the door, i won’t keep score but i love you more
hawthorn 03:14
august 27, 2020 turn around for today you took more than what i gave i am bound to the fray stuck inside a moral gray swollen eyes turn away from which direction, who's to say as the world fluctuates will you be my hideaway empty words give away what you're thinking of today frozen hands on your face cannot hide the loss of weight sunken in, out of place we float in the disarray when the world starts to fade will you be my hideaway hawthorn fruit on the tree ( have you forgiven me ) blooming light, falling leaves hawthorn fruit ripe on the trees blooming light falls through the leaves
tiny smile 02:42
december 10, 2020 tiny smile don't look at me i think i'll lose it when you leave but after some time by the sea will i exist in your memory tiny smile you sing to me i think you look nice next to me but when your time here is complete will you remember anything tiny smile don't look at me i'm reaching my capacity for self restraint and honestly i wish i could feel everything tiny smile i'm crumbling i'm waiting for the ending tiny smile i'm faltering i'm waiting for the ending


pandemic tracks


released May 7, 2021

mastered by max gowan

katie wang - bass on will i see you soon
jules boucher - vocals and drums on katie
mitch webb - boi voice on count of

'covid minks on pink' artwork by iris fung

ZT181 ~ Z Tapes Records ~ 2021


all rights reserved



fuvk Austin, Texas

audio journal
2016 -

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